Traidcraft Roadshows offer you the chance to browse Traidcraft’s most recent range of ethically sourced products, as well as and giving you behind-the-scenes insight into the impact that their work is having overseas. During the lockdown, Traidcraft’s roadshows have gone virtual for the very first time, and the team at Ludlow Fairtrade Town Group have been tuning in. Here are a few highlights:

Refocusing on Traidcraft’s vision

We were reminded that the principles of fair trade are paramount. We should buy right, buy fair, and put people and the environment first.

Traidcraft is looking to build a premium ethical fair trade business, which it calls ‘The House of Fair’. The House of Fair is not only profitable, but works transparently with like-minded businesses and producers. Together they can challenge organisations who put profit at the expense of people, and make capitalism fair.

Good news during challenging times

Traidcraft Plc shared the good news that their trade has actually increased during the pandemic. Sales have picked up by 10% on 2019 figures, and their website orders have reached an all time high. In fact, they have been so busy that their pickers and packers have walked over 2,000 (socially distanced) miles – just from fulfilling orders in the warehouse! This is incredibly positive and we encourage you to keep shopping fair trade with Traidcraft.

Stock update

For those of you who love coffee, Traidcraft delivered some good news! Their 100g jars of delicious freeze dried instant coffee are back in stock and available to order online. You can even buy a handy storage tin!

Sugar is available in four different varieties: raw cane, caster, white granulated and demerara.

An update from Traidcraft Exchange

Traidcraft Exchange launched the Rebuild Appeal at Christmas to support communities in developing countries badly affected by the pandemic. This raised an incredible £155,970 in emergency support for communities desperate for basic food and medicines.

The Regenerators Appeal, furthering development work, will reach 2,000 vulnerable people in Tanzania and Bangladesh, a country devastated by the climate crisis. This project puts Traidcraft Exchange at the forefront of tackling climate change, helping communities to adapt and develop vital agricultural skills to aid their resilience.

Traidcraft need to raise is £550,000 for the Appeal, and this is where you can help. Between 8th March and 7th June 2021, the UK government will match every donation you make towards the project.

Watch this space and find out what’s happening in Ludlow so you can support this vital work.

Article by Liz Taylor

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