In the Spring, the Ludlow Fair Trade Town Group held a series of fundraising events to raise money for Traidcraft Exchange’s Regenerator’s Appeal.

Last month we were contacted by Traidcraft Exchange with the wonderful news that a phenomenal total of £1,312,585 was raised through the Appeal. This includes over £650,000 of matched funding from the UK government.

Over £1,600 of this total (including matched funds) was raised by the Ludlow community.

The donations from the public will support the Traidcraft Exchange’s important work with vulnerable communities in Bangladesh, India and East Africa. The government’s matched funding will allow the charity to run a new project with farmers in Tanzania, helping them learn climate-smart farming techniques as well as investing in green technology such as irrigation systems and solar panels.

These projects will help vulnerable communities stand strong in the face of climate change.

When I was growing up, climate change had not happened. People here knew exactly what to do because the weather was stable. But the weather is now erratic, and harvests have suffered. The last rainy season, the river flooded. Some of the villages lost their animals and their houses were destroyed.

For my kids, when they reach an age where they can understand, I will advise them to be able to use things like irrigation and solar. This could be their rescue.

Issa, a Tanzanian farmer being supported by the Regenerators Appeal

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