It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since the end of Fairtrade Fortnight – time has flown since the long-awaited arrival of Spring.

Before we close the chapter on winter this year, we thought we’d reflect on what was achieved during the biggest Fairtrade celebration of the year…

The Fortnight at a glance

  • We worked with Ludlow 21 to host an interactive and informative quiz about Fairtrade and Climate Change;
  • Over £250 was raised to support fair trade development charities through The Big Brew events at St Laurence’s Church and Ludlow Mascall Center;
  • The Spring Fair at Ludlow Mascall Center sold over £1,000 of fairly trade products, all of which supports small scale artisans and producers around the world;
  • Years 7 & 8 at Ludlow Secondary School learnt about Fairtrade and climate change, and created eye-catching posters for the fair trade stall at Ludlow Produce Market;
  • Visitors to the Traidcraft stall at Local to Ludlow Produce Market learnt about the importance of fair trade in addressing the effects of climate change;
  • Ludlow Library hosted a colourful and informative display of leaflets and posters promoting Fairtrade;
  • In partnership with Ludlow 21, we were delighted to speak to residents at Betjeman Lodge in Ludlow about sustainable transport and Fairtrade.
Ludlow is going bananas for Fairtrade!

Spotlight on…Big Brew and Spring Fair at Ludlow Mascall Center

Saturday 12th March 2022, Ludlow Mascall Centre

The annual Traidcraft Spring Fair at Ludlow Mascall Center was held in March, along with a Big Brew fundraiser for Traidcraft Exchange (Traidcraft’s development charity).

We were fortunate to have blue skies and sunshine, and there was a constant flow of people through the doors – wonderful! The success of the day just shows how much our local community and visitors coming into Ludlow are supporting fair trade and a more sustainable lifestyle. The Fair was not-for-profit, and over £1,000 worth of fairly traded goods were sold, all of which supports producers and artisans around the world.

The Big Brew, which included fairly traded tea, coffee and a delectable array of homemade cake, went down a treat and raised £170 for Traidcraft Exchange. Thank you to all who volunteered, spent money, and ate cake!

Spotlight on…Ludlow Secondary School

In March, one of the Fairtrade Town Group’s volunteers was invited into Ludlow Secondary School to deliver a lesson about Fairtrade and climate change to the Year 7 and 8 Humanities classes.

The pupils were taught about the connection between trade and climate justice, differences in power and how companies squeeze producers. They were then given time to design slogans, ads and posters displaying the key facts and encouraging consumers to choose Fairtrade.

Some of the posters were laminated and displayed on the fair trade market stall at the Local to Ludlow Produce Market, where they attracted much attention.

A big “thank you” to the pupils at Ludlow Secondary School for brightening up the stall!

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