This year’s Ludlow Fringe Festival kicked off with a vibrant carnival to celebrate “Our Beautiful Earth“. The Ludlow Fairtrade Town Group were pleased to take part in the festivities along with our friends at Ludlow 21, including Ludlow Transport Group, Incredible Edible and Ludlow Swift Group.

We’re a quirky bunch of bananas, so our display included a giant inflatable banana, the Ludlow Fairtrade Town Group banner and, of course, Laura the Banana made an appearance. We also had fun handing out Fairtrade stickers to youngters and grown-ups alike, and sticking them on any float we could get our hands on.

It was wonderful to see so many other local groups taking part in the parade, all dressed up in vibrant colours to celebrate our incredible planet and everything that lives in it. From children with jellyfish umbrellas, to adults dressed as swifts and serpents, to wheelbarrows full of plants, to giant kingfishers, dragonflies and creepy-crawlies, as well as dancers, performers and musicians – the procession was a delight to behold.

If you missed it, don’t worry – the Ludlow Green Festival is taking place on Sunday 10th July and is shaping up to be another inspirational event to raise awareness of what we can do to protect our planet. Do come along and say hello! For more information, visit the Ludlow Green Festival website.

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