As well as campaigning for local ethical consumerism, the Ludlow Fairtrade Town Group also promote and support wider campaigns in line with Fair Trade values.

Public awareness for, and appreciation of, ethical consumerism and environmental issues has grown over the past decade. There is, however, still a long way to go. Thankfully there are several national and multi-national not-profits whose sole purpose is to fight for a fairer, greener world.

Find out more about current campaigns below, and follow the links to get involved!

regenerators appeal

Traidcraft Exchange

The Regenerators are on the front line in the fight against climate change. By investing in climate smart technology, like solar panels and irrigation systems, alongside planting trees and new crops, those on the frontline of the climate crisis can protect their homes and incomes.

Between March and June 2021, you can make double the difference to their lives – and help them regenerate their land for generations to come.

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Fight for Living Incomes

Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation launched the Living Incomes Campaign at a time when the global price for cocoa had just crashed, pushing many farmers deeper into poverty, creating an even more urgent situation for the millions of families relying on cocoa production.

Their vision for living incomes is both radical and simple; they want all cocoa farmers to earn a living income from growing cocoa. Will you help us achieve this?

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The Fast Fashion Crisis

Traidcraft Exchange

The coronavirus has exposed the true ugliness at the heart of fast fashion. UK brands are cancelling orders, breaking long-held contracts and devastating the lives of workers in poor countries.

We need UK fashion brands to honour their contracts with their suppliers. We need them to commit to looking after their workers in this time of crisis.

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