Ludlow Town Council supports fair trade and works closely with the Fair Trade Town Group. A member of the Council sits on the Ludlow Fairtrade Town Group and attends our monthly meetings.

In 2014 the Ludlow Fairtrade Town Group and Ludlow Town Council worked together to design and plant flowers in the shape of the Fairtrade Mark. This beautiful circular flowerbed can be found next to the cannon in front of Ludlow Castle.

Councillors Viv Parry, Gina Wilding, Naomi Brotherton and the Council Administration and Finance office staff were particularly involved in the creation of the flowerbed. Sean Turgoose and the Direct Labour Force were responsible for choosing and ordering the plants, making the flower bed and undertaking all the planting to represent the Fairtrade Logo.

The project demonstrated how the Council worked creatively with a local Community Group and is a delightful recognition of the ten year anniversary of Ludlow as a Fairtrade Town and the twenty year anniversary of the Fairtrade Mark in the UK.