At primary and secondary level, Fairtrade is taught and experienced in the curriculum, and through assemblies, tuck shops, after school clubs and Fair Trade events. 

Ludlow Fairtrade Town Group works with local schools to raise awareness of Fairtrade and help them meet their curriculum criteria. During Fairtrade Fortnight, our volunteers visit local schools in Ludlow and the surrounding area to deliver presentations and assemblies.

For example, the Fairtrade Town Group’s volunteers were invited into Ludlow Secondary School to deliver a lesson about Fairtrade and climate change to the Year 7 and 8 Humanities classes.

The pupils were taught about the connection between trade and climate justice, differences in power and how companies squeeze producers. They were then given time to design slogans, ads and posters displaying the key facts and encouraging consumers to choose Fairtrade.

Some of the posters were laminated and displayed on the fair trade market stall at the Local to Ludlow Produce Market, where they attracted much attention.

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