Meet the Fairtrade Steering Group

liz taylor

Liz has been a supporter of the Fair Trade movement since the early days of Traidcraft. She was a volunteer Fairtrader for Traidcraft until its closure in 2023, running the Traidcraft shop in Ludlow Mascall Centre for 23 years to supply goods to individuals, churches and community organisations in and around Ludlow.

Liz has been interested in world development and the unequal distribution of wealth and power since student days. Having experienced poverty in Africa while living there for a few years, her involvement back home continued.

sylvia duffy

Sylvia joined the Fairtrade group when she moved to Ludlow in 2008. Her association with Fairtrade goes back to when the Fairtrade Foundation was started at Gateshead. She was living in Durham, where St Nicholas church set up the first Fairtrade shop in the corner of the market place there. She now leads the Fairtrade Town Group’s work with local schools.

laura perratt

Laura joined the Steering Group in 2019 shortly after moving to Ludlow with her husband. Her passion for social and environmental justice developed during her time at University in Durham, where she became involved with student campaigning groups. The church Laura attended in Durham was committed to Fairtrade and she worked part-time in the church’s small BAFTS shop. Since then she has been involved in various social justice and environmental groups and lives out these values both at home and work. Laura now works full time, and in her free time she volunteers for the Fair Trade stall at St Laurence Church in Ludlow and supports the Fairtrade Steering Group’s publicity activities, such as the Twitter feed, Facebook page, website and writing news articles.

councillor philip adams

Councillor Philip Adams is the Fair Trade Town Group’s representative on Ludlow town Council. He was was first elected to the Council in February 2020 and is Chair of Policy and Finance for 2021-2022.

Philip’s interest in Fair Trade comes from his membership of Ludlow 21 and the work of his partner, Sylvia Duffy, who is also a member of the steering group. He believes in fairness and social justice, and believes in the eradication of exploitation. He supports the practical development work of the Fair Trade movement, helping to combat the linked problems of social injustice, migration and climate change.

esther rees

Esther is the fair trade representative for Ludlow Quakers on the Ludlow Fair Trade Town Steering Group