As we sit listening to the (much needed ) rain pour down in Ludlow, we think back to this glorious sunny day earlier in July.

It was a day packed with fun and enjoyment and some serious messages on climate action by all of us.

The weather was glorious – so hot that the Fairtrade chocolate started to melt in the shade and had to go into the cool box!

But, while melting chocolate is nothing more than a mild annoyance to us, it made us cast our minds to those whose livelihoods depend on regular seasonal rain, and for whom the climate crisis can be catastropic.

A two minute ‘Soap Box’ speech on how Fairtrade farmers are getting the better of climate change was a positive message in support of Fairtrade, putting power and money in the hands of Fairtrade farmers who produce the goods we all enjoy.

We had lots of interest in our fair trade stall and a number of young people and parents engaged with the fair trade and climate change children’s activities.

It was a day for relaxing, browsing and simply wandering around. If you weren’t able to come along, don’t worry, we’ll be there again next year!

Sylvia entices festival-goers to the climate friendly, ethical products at the fair trade stall

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